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Wearing curtains with Hôtel Vetements

by Marisa

Hi my lovely fairladies,

have you ever been to one of those beautifully decorated Parisian hotels that have amazing curtains with stitching and colourful patterns? Sadly a lot of hotels have discarded these beautifull curtains and are throwing out good materials with unique patterns. Thanks to Alexandra Hartmann and her label Hôtel we can now save these amazing materials and wear them as one of a kind jackets or shirts.

Alexandra, you’re making beautiful jackets and sleeping masks out of discarded hotel curtains. What an unusual and great idea! How did you come up with it?

I’ve worked for other fashion brands and  saw how much wasted fabric there was. I would ask sometimes if i could recuperate some of the fabric because I knew i could do something with it. So for me it was quite natural to think of using the rest of the curtains of sheets to make smaller goods with it.

Was sustainability a big factor for you in this process?

Yes it is important, and honestly I don’t  think we have the choice anymore. You have to think down the line. I also really like to work with recovered fabrics. They have a personality. It’s  like stories are woven in the fabric somehow. Even if it sounds a little corny.

How were the reactions of people/customers when you first started?

I think people are very positive in general and ask a lot of questions. I think they find it a little intriguing.  

What is the most difficult part when you’re using discarded fabrics instead of new textiles?

The most difficult part is that you constantly need to really look meticulously at every fabric.The fabric imposes itself to you and you need to improvise and work with what you get. It´s a process that can take a lot of time. It’s simple and complex all at once. Some fabrics are worn out and some are imperfect and that’s what makes them interesting to work with and what gives them life. Each of the jackets adapts to these imperfections by either circumventing or highlighting them.

With hotels getting more and more modern a lot don’t even have curtains anymore or new ones don’t have that beautiful textures and quality. Is there are plan B when you „run out of curtains“?

The sourcing part takes a lot of time and work for sure. Also, because quality is key we now work with other second hand materials like vintage sheets, tapestry, bed covers and fabrics like genoa velour.

What’s your favourite piece of the collection?

My favorite piece from this collection is the white and blue striped 100% cotton and French seams shirt with hand made buttonholes and also the printed tapestry jacket that has a special print art work reminiscent of the paintings of Henri Rousseau.

Thank you for your time Alexandra and good luck for the future of Hôtel.


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Sylvie 19. Dezember 2017 - 11:22

What a great idea! Absolutely love seeing such talented ladies <3

Love, Sylvie from http://www.miss-interpreted.com


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