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Eco Wedding: Cruelty-free Diamonds by Made Diamonds

by Marisa

Hi meine lieben fairladies,

bevor es zum Altar geht und das Ja-Wort gesprochen wird, wird eine ganz besondere Frage mit einem ganz besonderen Ring gestellt. Der Verlobungsring ist für viele Paare ein wichtiges Thema und soll daher heute der Auftakt zu meiner Beitragsreihe “Eco Wedding” werden. Dazu habe ich mir die wunderbare Firma Made Diamonds aus Großbritannien ausgesucht, die uns ein bisschen über ihre Philosophie und die Herstellung der handgemachten Verlobungsringe erzählen.

Hi my lovely fairladies,

before you walk down the aisle and say yes one very special question had to be asked which usually comes with a very special ring. The engagement ring is an important topic for a lot of couples and will therefore be the first post in my new series “Eco Wedding”. Today I´m very happy that Made Diamonds is answering some questions about their ethical, cruelty-free, handmade engagement rings.

Why should couples care where the diamond for their engagement ring comes from?

In our view, if individuals take care to ensure that the products they use day-to-day are ethical, then it makes sense that a purchase as important as an engagement ring should be considered in the same way. Generally we find that due to a lack of awareness of the issues or the lack of awareness of a viable alternative, even the most ethically minded people end up opting for a natural diamond which, regardless of how it is sourced could never really be classified as ethical.
Essentially, if people are taking the time to ensure their small day-to-day purchases are ethical, then the more important purchases should receive the same, if not more, consideration we feel. These are the people we try to connect with, people who are already committed to living an ethical lifestyle.

How are your rings crafted? Are there a lot of difficulties trying to manufacture ethically?

Our rings are traditionally manufactured in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter here in the UK. This means that we have total control over the process when compared to most shop-bought jewellery which is often manufactured overseas in often unknown conditions in parts of the world where labour abuses can be common. We actually teamed up with Fashion Revolution a while back (fashionrevolution.org) as part of their “Who Made My Clothes” campaign which focuses on ensuring that you know the origin of where your clothes and accessories are made.

Engagement rings are hopefully only bought once by each man or woman and probably not everybody is choosing the ethical alternative. How many rings do you sell? Is it difficult to survive in the engagement ring business when your focusing on ethical rings and compete against big players like “Tiffanys”?

We are only a relatively small operation so we are not selling hundreds of rings each year. We actually value being small very much and we have no real ambition to grow substantially. Being small allows for a deeper connection with the customers who connect with us and we believe that in that way small is beautiful! We have no plan to ever compete against the larger volume companies within the industry. Our plan is to continue creating beautiful and ethical rings for couples who love what we do.

You currently have three designs available. Are you planning on offering a wider range of ring designs? What are your plans for the future of Made Diamonds?

Our model is quite different to most companies on this front also. Whilst most other companies offer a huge range of often hundreds of designs, we only ever offer three limited edition designs at one time. These designs are replaced periodically when they reach near their limited edition. There’s a number of reasons for this but the main one is that we just don’t want to offer a plethora of random thoughtless designs. We appreciate that this means our current designs may not be to everyone’s tastes, but we don’t mind that too much. We’ve always preferred offering a small amount of choice but doing it very well compared to offering dozens of different designs that we have no real connection with. Within the coming months we will actually be introducing three new designs and at that time retire all of our current ring designs.

Our plans for the future are to simply continue down the road we are travelling and hopefully continue to delight the couples who we are fortunate enough to create rings for.

Thank you for your time! I hope your rings will join a lot of couples on their way to an ethical wedding.

Ich hoffe euch hat der Auftakt zur Reihe “Eco Wedding” gefallen und ihr schaut mal wieder rein wenn es um weitere nachhaltige Alternativen beim Heiraten geht.

I hope you enjoyed this first post of my new series “eco wedding” and make sure to check in again for more sustainable alternatives in the wedding business.


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Corinna 31. Juli 2017 - 17:17

Liebe Marisa!
Sehr spannendes Interview und tolle Firma! 🙂 Mir persönlich gefallen alle drei Varianten auf der Website auch total gut, nur kann sich das natürlich nicht jeder leisten. Trotzdem – wenn man ihn ewig trägt, ist es sicher ein gutes Investment! 🙂


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